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Hi… Patrick here…

As a 7-figure marketing consultant, I like to think I know a revolutionary marketing idea when I see one.

So when I discovered the *weird* list building system Igor Kheifets was using to bank $25K to $35K per month… I asked him if he’d be willing to sit down for an audio interview and share exactly how he does it.

After some major arm twisting, he agreed. So you can now discover how to build a list that pays you 100% upfront… without having to make a single affiliate sale of your own.

In this exclusive content-rich audio interview with Russian Wonder Kid Igor Kheifets, you’ll discover…

How this burger-flipping 19-year old Ukrainian immigrant shot from having $10 in his pocket… to earning 30K a month in only 45 minutes a day… without JV’s or product launches. 

Whatever lousy 9-5 job you’re stuck in right now, there truly is HOPE… and you’ll feel it more than ever when you hear Igor describe the simplicity of his system.

How you can become one of 21 people who Igor has taught since 2010 to create an income stream of $3,000.00+ a month or more…  (Wherever you live in the world.) 

Many of these people had very little or even zero technical experience… and some barely spoke a word of English.

Why the traditional affiliate “product launch” method to building a list is DEAD… and no Guru can bring it back to life! 

This is GOOD NEWS because it means you get to ride a hot new online trend that’s built to make regular people successful, not just people with “connections.”

The “real estate” secret to turning your email list into a predictable monthly cash-cow without having a product of your own. 

Imagine getting an email from someone wanting to pay you hundreds of dollars to “rent” your list. This happens to Igor multiple times per day and if you’re an action taker, it could happen to you too.

Why most lists will NEVER buy from affiliate links anyway… and how to bring in huge profits anyway. 

Most people are on a thousand different lists and they don’t buy much at all. But Igor will tell you why you shouldn’t care less! Because you can get paid from your list anyway!

All this is yours inside…

Igor’s 30K List Building Secret


The SINGLE quickest… simplest… and easiest way to grow your list… and how one newbie marketer leveraged this secret ONLY to build a list of 30,000 in just 2 months. 

Growing your list has never been quicker or easier than the “Solo Circle” tactic Igor shares.

The “emergency cash-method” that can immediately generate up to $1,000.00 for surprise expenses whenever they hit. (never worry about auto repairs or medical bills ever again.) 

Say goodbye to stress and other sucky feelings. Now if something crops up outta nowhere, no worries. You’ve got it covered.

The “Action” packed technique EVERY single 6 and 7-figure marketer used to quit their job… and go “Full-Time.” 

You don’t have to focus on becoming a millionaire, or anything close it. Quitting your job is goal N#1… and this system may be the missing piece to you doing exactly that.

How to get paid for adding new subscribers! Igor shares how building a big list doesn’t have to cost you big dollars. 

You can actually get paid for growing your list. This will change the way you think about list building forever.

2 key factors that determine if an online money-making opportunity is legit… or just hype. We’ve all been scammed before and being skeptical is perfectly normal. 

Just don’t let it stop you from discovering something that could turn your life around for the better.

All this, and much more…

For just $17…


To your list building success,

P.S. If you can’t invest a measly $17 in your future today… expect tomorrow to suck just as hard.


Act now, listen to the secrets Igor is sharing and be more hopeful than ever (thanks to Igor’s system) that this Internet thing can finally change your life.

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P.S.  Over 21 regular marketers have the list building system to create “Job quitting” incomes. Now, for just $17 measly bucks (less than a footlong sub with chips and a drink), you can own the same game-changing system for yourself…

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