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Question # 1: Can I be a “computer dummy” and still make money with Igor’s 30K Secret?

Answer: YES… you can get started without being a tech whiz. Many of Igor’s biggest success stories started out knowing nothing about how to set-up a website, let alone an email list.

Over time, they picked-up the simple skills needed to start pocketing cash online.

Question # 2: Does Igor’s secret show me how to grow a list, even if I’m starting from scratch?

Answer: YES… Igor’s 30K secret shows you the two big keys you need to start generating Internet income…

1. First… you’re shown the quickest and easiest way to get new subscribers.

2. Then… you find out the single most profitable way to cash-in on your list, where you get paid 100% upfront.

Question # 3: Is Igor’s secret something I can do part-time?

Answer: Absolutely! Now that Igor’s business is set-up, he only spends 30-45 minutes a day, 5 days a week on it.

Not a bad gig, considering he pockets 25K-45K a month for his humble efforts.

Question # 4: How long before I can start cashing-in?

Anybody can show you how to make a few bucks online. But, you don’t need just a few bucks that comes once, and is gone tomorrow.

You need recurring monthly income you can depend on.

After all, your bills don’t ever disappear, so why should your income?

This is where Igor’s secret works its magic. Several of Igor’s students have created their business in a matter of weeks. You can do the same, but it all depends on your determination and personal effort!

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